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Selby Souza is a Scenic Designer for theater in New York City.  When designing, she is fearless in using various materials, textures, playing with timing, and utilizing all of the senses in order to create a fully developed environment that supports the production.  Her sets are a unifying component in elevating the complexities and importance of all design areas and actors onstage.  She understands that in order to have a cohesive design there must be open communication and a combined effort between all departments. 


After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama's Graduate Program in Scenic Design, she has assisted for various Set Designers in NYC.  Some of her set designs have been produced at Barnard College, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, and Moxie Arts. Her undergrad degree was received from the University of Southern California School of Drama's B.F.A. Theatre Design program.  Before her training at CMU began,  Selby worked at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco as their Prop Fellow and at Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago as their Prop Apprentice.


Steel Magnolias - South Arkansas Arts Center   -  Dir. Tripp Phillips  -  2021 (ongoing)

if there is breakage you will find chips  -  Moxie Arts at On Women Festival   -  Dir. Abigail Jean Baptiste  -  2021

Town Hall  -  Barnard College  -  Dir. Rachel Karp  -  2020

From A to DD  -  Moxie Arts  -  Dir. Margaret Lee  -  2020

The Cripple of Inishmaan  -  Stella Adler Studio of Acting  -  Dir. Nick Piacente  -  2019

By the Way, Meet Vera Stark  -  Stella Adler Studio of Acting  -  Dir. Luis-Daniel Morales  -   2019

Orchid Receipt Service  -  Mirror/Fire  -  Dir. Rad Power  -  2019

Atlas of Depression  -  Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) School of Drama  -  Dir. Eben Hoffer  -  2019

The Matchmaker  -  CMU  -  Dir. Anthony McKay  -   2017

Stop Kiss  -  Fellowship Project, A.C.T. San Francisco  -  Dir. Alexandra Moss  -   2015

Grand Hotel  -  University of Southern California (USC)  -  Dir. John Rubinstein  -   2014

In the Blood  -  USC  -  Dir. Gregg Daniel  -   2013

Flyin' West  -  USC  -  Dir. Gregg Daniel  -   2012



Set Dresser  -  Set Dresser, Paint Charge, and Assistant in Construction for 3+ soundstages used by students for their classes and thesis films. Organizing inventories, budgeting supplies, and advising students in painting and set dressing their film projects.  Assisting fellow faculty in organizing casting schedules, processing production clearance paperwork, updating groundplans of each soundstage, and fulfilling dressing needs for onsite courses.  2020 - ongoing

Lamp Light  - Production Designer  -  Academy of Art University's Schools of Entertainment (AAUSOE)  -  2021

Mindhunter  - PA Graphics Design  -  Late Seventies Productions  -  Production Designer Steve Arnold

Heidi & Jo  -  Co-Prod. Design w/ Adryan Miller Gorder and Katy Fetrow  -  CMU  -  Created and Dir. Gillian Beth Durkee

Carrots Smell Weird  -  Production Design  -  CMU  -  Dir. Jordan Barsky

The Pic  -  Production Design  -  CMU  -  Dir. Grace McCarthy

Solo Trip  -  Art Director  -  CMU  -  Prod. Designer Yijun Yang

Ursula the Chromium  -  Art Director  -  CMU  -  Prod. Designer Yijun Yang


afterWARds  -  Pittsburgh Opera Company  -  Scenic Design (Designer) Christian Fleming

Carmen  -  Mill City Summer Opera  -  Narelle Sissons

(Studio Asst.) Dirty Dancing...  -  Networks  -  Designer Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams

(Studio Asst.) The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson... -  Primary Stages  -  Designer Wilson Chin

Riccardo Primo  -  Pittsburgh Opera Company  -  Designer Alison Gondek

The Audience  -  Maltz Jupiter Theater  -  Designer Anne Mundell


Steppenwolf Theatre Company  -  Props Apprentice  -  Props Supervisor Jenny DiLuciano  -  2015/2016 Season

A.C.T. in San Francisco, CA  -  Props Apprentice  -  Props Supervisor Ryan Parham  -  2014/2015 Season


George Kimberly Award for Set Design  -  Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama 2019

Pittsburgh Drama Alumni Clan Award  -  Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama 2019

2018 Beijing International Biennale's Stage Design Students' Works  -  Represented CMU 2018

Nominee for Princess Grace Award in Theater  -  Represented CMU 2018


AutoCAD, Model Building, Lasercutting, Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, Scenic Painting, Machine Sewing, Ceramics, Baking.

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